Cricket Tournaments Guide – Betting Tips and Predictions for Major Tournaments and Series

Cricket has grown into an immense sporting event, and there are more and people starting to take up the sport at a young age, both in terms of countries and amount of players. There is also a surge of people following the sport, and we are not only talking about India and maybe Pakistan, England and Australia. Other nations are starting to open their eyes to this amazing sport when they are putting up excellent showings at the international stage, like for example Nepal did.

This popularity at player level carries over to spectators, and that makes organizers aware of the potential of having local tournaments being played. The money is there because people actually want to see more cricket. That is why there have been popping up many tournaments after we went into the new millennium. Leagues like the IPL and Big Bash League shows what the T20 has done for the sport, and there are plenty of competitions being held in South Africa as well.

Because of this sudden increase in tournaments you are probably having a hard time keeping up with when and what is going on (we know because we have the same problem). On this page we will try to give you an overview over the most popular ones and when they will run. This also includes links to articles we have written on the tournament and if we have a betting preview we will list it as well.

Things We Are Looking At

Obviously there is plenty that can be talked about with these tournaments, but we are a limited staff working on budgets so we are going to have to narrow our focus somewhat. Although the articles will not be as in-depth, which is not our goal, we are rather aiming to give a quick overview over the event that is taking place to give those new to it a taste for it and maybe leaving them wanting more. Here are some of the topics we cover:

About the Tournament

Obviously we talk about the tournament to some degree. Where it will be held, at what interval, type of cricket, teams competing and so on. These basics will be added so you know if this will be something you can enjoy watching and betting on at a glance. This is easily accessible information, but it would probably be nice for you to have it found in one place and a place where you can keep up to date on when things are happening in the cricket circle.

We will also add some history from the tournament, previous winners, fun facts and other stuff when applicable. Note that these will not be as in-depth though as other sources are likely to be way more suited for this job than we would be. You will get the basics and then we shall link to some other sources you can seek out if you want to learn more.

Betting Tips and Sites

The main focus we wanted to have with these articles is to give some tips to betting on these events and which betting sites that offers the best betting odds and options. So far that haven’t gotten as far as we need some bigger samples to our work, but we will be continuously adding content to the different pages and update them as we get better and better at doing this.

By betting tips we are talking about more general stuff like what to look for in these events and tournaments and how you can stand to gain an edge. We will still post our cricket betting tips on our cricket betting tips page, but if you are looking to handicap the games yourself there is good to get some pointers as where to start.

We are also gonna talk about the different bets you can place, where there are great odds offered, which betting sites you should prefer, live betting availability, live streaming and other features. Some promotions will probably also be offered by some sites during the bigger events like the Ashes or the World Cup and these should be taken advantage of when they become available.

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